Chapter 4: One Thing After Another
CAPTURED: Shot Down In VietnamJune 05, 2023x

Chapter 4: One Thing After Another

18 months into Cmdr. Everett Alvarez's captivity, the North Vietnamese "torture regime" begins as he and fellow prisoners are forced to endure physical abuse, in addition to mental torture, amidst already-deplorable living conditions.

After Capt. Red McDaniel is shot-down in May of 1967, he, too, is imprisoned in the 'Hanoi Hilton' and immediately subjected to an array of inhumane treatment.In this episode, Everett and Red share some of their most harrowing experiences in captivity, including how their heroic displays of duty & honor overlap in connection with a daring escape attempt.

We explore how they persevered in body and spirit, including lifting fellow POWs up via the impressive "tap code" that was developed to effectively communicate through the cold walls of their cells, right under the noses of their North Vietnamese captors.

For more info and photos specific to this episode, visit Shot Down in Vietnam is a docuseries from the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Foundation, produced by the team at Foundwave, and respectfully created in honor of Ross Perot, Sr.

If you're interested in learning more about Vietnam POWs, you can visit the new exhibit "CAPTURED" at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA.

This series is produced by Steph Weaver-Weinberg. Original music compositions, foley effects, and mastering from Jonathan Rock. Research, background, and history from Jason Schwartz. Executive production from Joe Lopez & the team at Richard Nixon Foundation and Kali Mason from Perot Family Collections. Co-executive production, interviewing, and hosting by Tyler Russell McCusker.

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