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Chapter 10: Freedom Bird
July 17, 2023x

Chapter 10: Freedom Bird

The finale of our story brings us to December 1972, as President Richard Nixon's administration strives to bring an end to the stalemate in peace negotiations with the North Vietnamese. In this episode, we'll hear how Operation Homecoming came to bring 591 POWs home in February of 1973, 8.5 long yea...

Chapter 9: The Son Tay Raid
July 10, 2023x

Chapter 9: The Son Tay Raid

In November of 1970, fifty-six U.S. Special Forces soldiers executed the most ambitious rescue mission of the Vietnam War, raiding a North Vietnamese prison camp known as "Son Tay," just outside of Hanoi. In this episode, we hear from Terry Buckler, the youngest of the Son Tay Raiders. At the time, ...

Chapter 8: Seal Team Six in Pearls
June 26, 2023x

Chapter 8: Seal Team Six in Pearls

In Part 2 of our two-part focus on the League of Wives, we examine how exactly this courageous band of women was able to organize under Sybil Stockdale and make a significant impact on the return of their lost men. We rejoin Andrea Rander, wife of Chief Warrant Officer Donald Rander, and Pat Mearns,...

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Beautiful, considering.

I laughed, I cried and got goosebumps. I'm a 65 year old women who was young during this war, though, I remember it vividly. To hear it in this way was so compelling and I'm so in awe of these men who endured such pain. You are all truly heroes and I hope all who didn't survive it are resting in peace with my love and respect. This podcast was incredible and beautifully done. Thank you for bringing it to us.

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A story well told

This is an incredible story that masterfully combines shocking witness accounts, historic audio, suspenseful narrative, and dramatic effects. I’ve learned so much about this time in history, and I can’t get over the strength and courage these POW’s demonstrated. Have a listen and be sure to thank the veterans in your life.

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Highly Immersive

A jewel of a professionaly produced podcast overshadowed only by the content and personal recollections of those that lived through it. Also highly reccomended is a visit to the special CAPTURED exhibit at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda,CA

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