Chapter 1: The First Guy
CAPTURED: Shot Down In VietnamMay 22, 2023x

Chapter 1: The First Guy

We rewind to the year 1964 and are introduced to 26-year-old Naval aviator Everett Alvarez Jr. Hear from the now-85-year-old Commander Alvarez himself, as we follow his journey from modest beginnings in Salinas, CA to the moment of being shot down over North Vietnam, leading to more than eight years as a prisoner of war (POW).

Following a brief period of American peacetime between the years of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, during which he volunteered for duty, Everett would soon be one of a handful of servicemen flying directly into the eye of a brewing storm - one that would quickly become the Vietnam War.

The action kicks off with the Gulf of Tonkin Incident on Aug. 2 of '64, prompting President Lyndon B. Johnson to authorize the very first US aerial attacks on the North Vietnamese. Less than 48 hours later, Everett would be under the canopy of a parachute, crashing down into the hostile waters of the picturesque Ha Long Bay.

Be immersed into that dangerous mission, which led to him becoming the first American POW.

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CAPTURED: Shot Down in Vietnam is a docuseries from the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Foundation, produced by the team at Foundwave, and respectfully created in honor of Ross Perot, Sr.If you're interested in learning more about Vietnam POWs, you can visit the new exhibit "CAPTURED" at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA.

This show is produced by Steph Weaver-Weinberg. Original music compositions, foley effects, and mastering from Jonathan Rock. Research, background, and history from Jason Schwartz. Executive production from Joe Lopez and the team at Richard Nixon Foundation and Kali Mason from Perot Family Collections. Co-executive production, interviewing, hosting by Tyler Russell McCusker.

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